Grant application

Is my project eligible for a grant?


The Lee Foundation funds projects on an individual basis and all applications are considered. The aims of you project must be charitable and your purpose must be in line with The Lee Foundation aims – please see The Charity Commission website to view our purpose.


The Lee Foundation has been set up to support individuals community groups and small organisations that promote social inclusion and/or prevent social exclusion.


For the purposes of our aims, social exclusion means being (or at risk of being) excluded from part of society as a result of one or more of the following factors: unemployment, financial hardship, youth, old age, ill health (mental of physical), substance misuse or dependency (including alcohol or drugs), discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, disability, ethnic origin, religion, belief, creed, sexual orientation, or gender re-assignment, poor education or skills attainment, relationship and family breakdown, poor housing or crime (either victim or as an offender rehabilitating into society).


Project work will be considered where there is a demonstrable community benefit.


To qualify an organisation must have its own bank account and have a formally approved Constitution. 

Individuals can apply if they have details of who will be holding the grant on their behalf. Examples of hosting organisations include Parish Councils, rural community councils, parochial church councils, schools, community interest companies (CICs) etc. 

The Lee Foundation would not normally expect to pay a management fee to the organisation concerned.  

Lee Foundation grants are relatively small, typically a few hundred pounds with a maximum permissible grant of £2000. These are intended to be a cost effective way of funding small projects, part funding larger projects. 

How can I apply?

If you feel you meet the criteria, application can be made. An application should not be longer than one side of A4 although additional sheets can be used to outline how the funding will be allocated.

The following should be highlighted in your bid:

The reason the grant is required and the benefit to the community with special reference to combatting social exclusion/promoting social inclusion. 

Justification of the amount applied for – this may include quotes for capital items e.g.: equipment training quotes for services published costs of training events etc.

If The Lee Foundation is part of a wider funding portfolio please indicate how additional funding is to be sourced. Please highlight the funding you will be raising yourselves.


You will be asked to provide receipts/evidence to show that the grant has been spent as indicated.


In addition we require a report (no larger than 1 sheet of A4) telling us about the success of the project with photos showing the project in operation!