How You Can Help

The Lee Foundation aims to make charitable giving simple for everyone

If you would like to you can get more involved in what we do.

Whether you are an individual, business, special interest group or organisation please get in touch and tell us your fundraising ideas

Some ways people are helping include:

  • Hosting a FUNdraising event. These are very popular with all the Call the Midwife fans (see Jenny Lee Tea page)
  • Businesses are giving a % of their sales, services or profits as part of their commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Branding a product with our logo to increase sales at the same time as raising funds for the charity (please gain Lee Foundation approval first)
  • Sponsored events e.g. sponsored swim or marathon
  • Donating their time or services e.g. donating PR/marketing expertise
  • Remembering us when updating a will or when organising a funeral collection

We find most people are very generous and have great ideas how to raise money. The great thing about The Lee Foundation is that it is the smaller local projects and ideas that get help.

Do you have a good idea? Tell us about it!

Don’t forget that ‘word of mouth’ is one of the best ways you can help, so spread the news.

Corporate sponsorship:  Do you run your own business? Are you committed to making a difference to the local community? Do you have too little spare time to find out where the innovative projects are happening? The Lee Foundation can help as we actively seek out projects and people in your area doing great things.

Do you have some spare time and would like to get involved? We are always on the look out for volunteers to get things moving. Or you may have skills in business or management and would like to give start-up projects coaching or some pointers.